Buffy The Vampire Hunter 1: The Harvest


Buffy the Vampire Slayer Book 1The Harvest novelised by Richie Tankersley Cusick

146 pages




I never intended to read this, but my daughter seemed to be enjoying it and I glanced through it to see the quality of the text, to reason if it was too difficult or not for my nine year old to read, or indeed too mature in it's content. I glanced through the book and was surprised to see it was only just over a hundred pages long, perfect for my daughter who has a good reading ability. I decided to give the prologue and first chapter a try to get a feel for it. although I had to stop several times to deal with other matters it was not long before I found the end of the book and arrived with the story over.

Was I disappointed? Yes and no! Yes, because if it had been written for the older person it would of made a really good book. No, because for the younger reader I think it is excellent, with the TV series attracting a lot of attention in the school playgrounds, the level at which this book is aimed is perfect for those kids who can stick with a book, it's short length also makes it all the more appealing.

"Okay, this is where I have a problem, see, because we're now talking about vampires...we're having a talk with vampires in it."
- Xander

The book covers the first episode almost exactly, probably being a better novelization of a TV series than any of the Target Dr Who books ever did. The characterization is spot on the characters, with perhaps Cordelier coming across a little heavier than I remember and Willow a little less so, perhaps that's just the acting ability of the stars however? The one-liners, principally delivered via Xander were funny and in place and the action, certainly in my mind more realistic, except for one small part when Buffy is fighting Luke, and he has just thrown Buffy down again, it suddenly says...

"Buffy eventually managed to wrestle away from him..."

How can you write a combat scene like that? One moment every block is covered the next a vague description as to how she escapes capture. One of the few down points about the book.

The way to enjoy it more is to try and imagine Buffy as a little more athletic, slightly more sturdy and then it really becomes a believable scenario.

All in all an enjoyable book, one for a quick read or the younger readers who like a bit of scary stuff to help them to sleep.

Created by and Episodes by Joss Whedon

Enjoyment: 5, Depth: 2, Readability: 6, Layout: 3, Value: 6,

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Last updated: 17th January 2001