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The Scotsman said...
"Enchanting...Georgette Heyer has so steeped herself in the Regency period that atmosphere and situation seem to flow effortlessly from her pen."

Book list:
(Not in order)

Faro's Daughter
The Corinthian
April Lady
Black Sheep
Cousin Kate
Bath Tangle
Sprig Muslin
The Masqueraders
The Talisman Ring
The Convenient Marriage
The Toll-Gate
The Black Moth
Devil's Cub
The Quiet Gentleman

" 'The Disarm!' he said, holding Martin's eyes with his own. Martin relinquished his foil. His chest was heaving; he seemed as though he would have said something, but before he could recover his breath enough to do so an interruption occured. Theo, who, for the past few minutes, had been standing, with Miss Morville, rooted on the threshold, strode forward, ejaculating thunderously: 'Martin! Are you mad?' "

From The Quiet Gentleman by Georgette Heyer.


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