Has the Mills & Boom Romance novel moved into social history? It has been reported that Harlequin Mills and Boon is adding to their format of the modern romantic novel by introducing what has been coined as 'chick-lit', meaning it is the book for women who are not only able to, but actively pursue a social life of fun, drink and sex.

Mills & Boon have even gone so far as to change their name to 'Red Dress Inc.' to reflect this. Sales of the old fashioned romantic novel have declined while more modern forms, involving women who not only stand their round in a pub but go out dressed to thrill and ready for whatever lays ahead of them. Independence and confidence is what the modern romance woman is all about.

Of course not everyone is immediately going to accept this and the older generation have shown their dislike for the trendy new style, but life must go on. The old romance novel will still be produced by Mils & Boon but much like the old detective stories will, more likely than not, become something that fans of that genera enjoy rather than the trend.

Romance is dead? No more dark looks for the men and bonnets for the ladies? Not dead, ladies just wear mini-skirts and g-strings while the men wear Rae Bans and cosmetics!


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Last updated: 19th April 2002