What once was a small part of the world; an island in the Pacific, mid-way between Japan and the United States of America may have been the spwaning of the Pokmon phenomenon, but just when has been forgotten. Nature begrudgingly accepted the Pokmon phenomenon despite the fact they threatened to destroy the ecology of the planet.

Quickly accepted they were bred for entertainment; as pets, later as the genetic meddling became greater, these pets became sport. Battles were contested between them, for teenage pleasure and big-business gambling. Inevitably, the military became involved, as did other large corporations. The Pokmon corporations came under attack from espionage, covert operations, theft and governmental acquisition and interference. This led to a diversity of genetic manipulation as never before seen, even in the Pokmon laboratories on the island. All creatures and substances were experimented upon, the new form of P-DNA (Pok-deoxyribonucleic acid) was created, a form of energy which could take existing DNA or create mutant DNA, then assemble itself into biological or non-biological beings. No longer were just mice, moles or frogs transformed by the Pok-gene, but rock, gasses, plants and even elements from different dimensions were formed into bizarre-looking life forms. Psychic abilities became apparent, ghostly spirits melded with gasses to become corporal creatures, even a computer program became infected with this virus-like P-DNA and took shape.

Finance and Pokmon became synonymous and the corporations started a trade war. Millions starved across the globe, as these greed-ridden corporations withdrew investments from third world countries to help pay for the development and research costs, embargoes and trade bans sprung up on defaulters of loans. The world dived into financial and famine ridden chaos. The financial war became REAL war! Armies around all parts of the world marched, navies cruised into enemy waters, air forces struck at key rival positions. Then one force decided that a regiment of troops armed with Magnemite Pokmon would pave the way to victory. This led to whole forces, armed with not conventional weapons, but Pokballs and their inhabitants. Pokmon were forced to KILL Pokmon and MAN!

Many Pokmon fled as soon as they could, but others were brutally restrained and forced into battle, time after time. Then a small unknown boy with a collection of Pokmon, including a Pikachu, led the first Pokmon revolution. He joined Pokmon together in immense numbers, to rise up against their suppressors and the war became intense. Time saw countries fall, corporations rose to the fore, only to be brought down the same way they had risen.

A corporation, believed to have been called 'TEAM ROCKET', led by a ruthless businessman named Giovanni, then started the Apoklypse. He sent nuclear warheads into the core nations, rending the fabric of civilization apart. It all came to a head, when for an unknown reason, a rogue Pokmon called MEWTWO attacked and destroyed Team Rocket's corporate centre, a meltdown occurred, which blasted half the planet.

The fallout settled...the radiation was consumed by unknown forces...although still breathing, the planet's pulse was faint. Stillness and fear crept over the now silent and destroyed cities...small clutches of people had survived and scrambled from the remains and bunkers...they were alone, safe but scared, they had stepped back into a world which was not their ecology, hanging by its teeth, which struggled to right itself, the chain of being had broken and shattered.

This was now the world of the Pokmon, where Pokmon reigned as supreme beings, many returned as their natures determined to their normal life, but some had become twisted by the ravages of war and filled with hatred for humans, they reassembled the food chain... with themselves at the top and humans a little way down on the MENU!


They Live