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Tera Ease is the World created by Caroline.
It uses the 'Systemless Systemę' created by Colin and Myself, which in turn is based on the system devised primarily by Richard and myself, which was based loosely on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Caroline has made her world different from most people's by having no obvious magic available to the player characters or any normal person on her world. The only sort of 'Mystical forces' at work on her world are some rather miraculous herbs and plants, Tera Ease has no word even for magic. However on the down side most of the creatures we have encountered so far show some measure of magical abilities, which the PC's then have trouble with describing, because there is no word for Magic. The good side to this is that PC's have to think about their word usage before describing these powerful creatures and abilities; "Strange qualities!" or "Godly powers!" etc.
Tera Ease has a good feel to it, it does feel like it can work, although why the evil creatures with "abilities above that of normal folk," do not just take over and massacre everybody who is Scarkin or Chitlea is anyone's guess. Scarkins by the way are people much like us, around 6 foot in height, there are no Humans on any of the Planes of Existence other than on Earth. Chitleas are much shorter folk, about 3-4 feet high, and apart from speaking in very fast, high-pitched voices, resemble miniature Scarkins. Also resident within the world are Dwoofs; short, stout, mountainous people, long beards and full of bravado, as well as tall elegant sophisticated Elves, both Wood and Mountain. It is set in a medi-eval rich style, but has some Renaissance and Dark Age influences in some areas. Caroline has thought carefully about her herbology, and her Kleros (Clerics/priests) some of which use Accupressure to heal, are well thought out. The world feels rich and full, although occasionally the placing of some towns seems suspect; it is a very good world to role play on. Caroline's style of role playing still needs some polishing but I am sure as Tera Ease grows so will she.

Caroline has just recently started what all of us DM's go through, a revision of everything on her world. Good luck!




This is a fantasy world designed by Jonathan; Caroline's brother. This world has a strong, determined feel to it, none of the little people running around singing or dancing, no picturesque Telly-Tubby land this one! Here the rabbits would bite! It is hard working folk who till this land, nasty Barons rule the feudal setting, Kings are talked about of course but do not get to mingle with the general populace. This world is far more hard hitting and tough than Tera Ease. Magic exists and Magic users' have some prominence. This is however only my opinion of it thus far, as I have only personally played a Varrannian twice before. I know there are some very nasty hot spots on this world, and Good has its work cut out trying to control it'self, let alone any Evil races.
Jonathan is a person for tables, and this world is his own system. Jonathan loves detailed tables and charts, and does great amounts of work in the areas needed for play to run smoothly. I have only one gripe however, Jonathan is a good DM, in his justness, and ability to make sure the players do not take advantage or go astray, but I tend to feel the actual 'Role' playing a bit strained, this is a problem of mine rather than Jonathan's. I am just too picky and find it hard to realise that some people just do not like putting on voices or acting in character, and just explaining what the characters do. I know many people enjoy Jonathan's games, so I must be the minority here! Overall it is a well thought out setting with many good qualities. Many facets of the fantasy setting are highly realistic and work well. Well done Jonathan.




This is Dave's world! It, like Linda's below uses elements from AD&D, Rolemaster, and The Systemless System, all rolled into one, all that along with a large degree of ad-libbing. It again is a fantasy setting, in a medi-eval style. Monsters and creatures abound. Goblins, Dwarfs, Elves, Humans, Orcs etc, they are all here. The World of Raglan is a slayer's paradise, a necromancer's playground and dragon's dinner plate. You can never be sure just what is going to happen next. This is mainly due to Dave's DM'ing technique, which to be honest, was not as good as it used to be. I think the trouble is both Dave and Linda, have designed their worlds in a good fashion, created a hotch-potch of rules to make it flow but either have revised them constantly or not learnt them all yet. Dave can generate a good setting and feel for the world only to loose it by not being rational. All that aside, its a good world for a novice player, or players who like a good dungeon bash, which is okay, if you want that sort of thing. The other difficulty with Dave's return game, was the player's (me once again included!). Far too many of them for one thing, there were periods when some of the players just sat around and got bored. This led to them chatting, joking about, and generally loosing interest; once the thread of the game was lost, it was difficult for us players to rekindle the essence of the game. Still, we all did remain to the end and Dave's last game became the reigning champion for longest running game at SELWG; 8 months no less. This must of taught Dave a fair few things about large groups of players and DM'ing skills? Keep at it Dave, just do not let players get out of hand.




Linda's world alike to Dave's in rules, style, and influence, is subtly different. It appears less gung ho, but also less frightening than Dave's. Due to the similarity in style and technique of Linda's and Dave's worlds, it is difficult to find many differences between them other than setting and place names etc. Both have the Orcs, Minotaur, Dragons etc. as well as Elves, Dwarfs and so on, although Linda had Kender! Linda had her debut at SELWG in DM'ing and did very well indeed to maintain any semblance of continuity, and there it is again, consistency is Linda's downfall. I am sure with time (and after she has beaten me up for this review?) she will overcome this problem; damage from arrows was widely varied, magical fireballs altered their destructive capabilities often. Perhaps that's how magic works; but this was not made clear. Her world is nice. The towns and villages feel like typical fantasy AD&D style towns and villages, the people she role played well, they had character if not voice. So far I have only played on one island Kingdom, so my knowledge of her world is limited. During the adventure there was mention of other intriguing places, such as the Kingdom of the Minotaur's, this does make me want to adventure to these places, but only if my character can be sure as to how the physics of the world work. Linda, kill more people when they act stupid, they will not thank you but you will gain their respect! Many DM's when they start DM'ing reluctantly, if ever, hurt badly or kill-off a player's character. If this becomes too common however, the players become senseless to danger, and Evil creatures stop becoming feared and instead turn into experience-point fodder. Nice try Linda, good effort but be more strong or the characters become immune to your challenges. Use less players as well; it creates a far better atmosphere.




This is Dude's world! Again it is fantasy, originally AD&D based it has gone under a bit of a transformation recently. The AD&D system was dropped and the Forgotten Futures system implemented instead. Dude is one for simplicity (as well as drawing lots of diagrams etc.) and Forgotten futures is just that, especially compared with AD&D. The Lands of Dual is a framework world, the lands are drawn, magic realised, but many of the towns, cities, areas of interest or trouble, even the religions are not. this is because Dude likes to work Dual as a player orientated world (maybe he's just too lazy, maybe its a clever idea?). As a player creates a new character or defines their history they need to come up with, in minimum, an A4 side of history and notes and any places created, any religions mentioned, family members etc. all can be implemented into The Lands Of Dual. Personally I think without Dude's careful inspection this could get out of hand. Of course you can ask to have your character come from one of the many precreated places or worship a current religion. The feel of Dual is the AD&D source material and scenarioes, but as Dude creates more and players define more of the world then the feeling will change. This worlds strength is its originality, but dude needs to get away from magazine orientated scenarios and create his own, but to do that he has to get a better job with more money and more time free...if you know of one tell ME! I still don't like the idea of a man named Keybab and his twin sister Donna!




I am sorry if any of the above offend. If you would like to retort in any way, review my DM'ing technique or any other matter, please let me know and I'll stick it right here (or a suitable area like here) for all to see.


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