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I am not as old as some, or as lucky, but I am from the Jon Pertwee era. My memory has a very
faint recollection of the Doctor standing in an open Tardis door, in clothes too short for him, just before he fell over, it could only of been the Spearhead from Space; The third Doctor's first episode after the good Doctor Patrick Troughton left.

Confused? Well it can get worse but I'll try to make it better. First of all, you have to decide what sort of a Doctor Who fan you are? You could be an old die-hard 1963 "I was there at the beginning" person, so you'll not need the What's it all about then? stuff and can go straight on in to the in-depth good stuff. If however you need to freshen up on the old 'rubbish stuff' (not my opinion but others) then tour where you will. If however you are younger than 10 or just recently into Doctor Who, or just want to know how much I have got it wrong, go see the What's it all about then? section to get a brief (?) idea of what all the fun is about.

Borg?...Nah!..Cybermen were there first!
Sliders?...Nah!..The Doctor was popping in and out of multi-dimensions before most of that crew were born!
Telepaths on big space stations?...Nah!..Sensorites were in black and white!
.........Ooops! That's where the trouble starts. Doctor Who probably has been the basis or the forerunner for 90% of all modern sci-fi serials since the 60's, but it suffered mostly from poor budget and no big effects, and that's the only challenge that 21st century sci-fi has over it. Well ok! Now and the 80's...and 90's alright?

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Last updated: 31st August 2001