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"Ok! So you wanted to know which role playing systems are my favourites? Should I just list them or list them with explanations why? First of all lets just get them down, that's a hard enough choice as it is...remember though, these are systems, not generes. Also note these are all published, official systems, there are no one-offs here, or hybrids from one system or combinations of systems they are straight out of the wrapper."

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Top 10 RPG systems

1 Chasosium's Call Of Cthulhu
2 Steve Jackson's GURPS
3 Justifiers
4 White Wolf's Storyteller system
5 Babylon 5 system
6 Palladium Book's system
7 Traveler - original system
8 Cyberpunk
9 Wizard of the Coasts D20 system
10 West End Games Star Wars system

Gee that was really hard, expect revisions later.

Top 10 genres

1 Fantasy - straight and narrow
2 Fantasy Horror - horror in a fantasy setting
3 Multi-genre - the cooking pot of all kinds
4 Horror - contempory scary stuff
5 Science fiction - the laser gun variety with monsters and space battles
6 Robots - sci-fi where big boys bash
7 Superheroes - its clobbering time
8 Military - one of the men in line
9 Wild West - draw!
10 Oddstuff - from toys to animals, different being the word

Notice there are no joke types here, humorous adventures need a damn good DM, haven't found one yet that can pull it off.

Top 10 RPG settings

1 Doctor Who
2 Call of Cthulhu
3 Star Wars
4 Battletech
5 Lord of the Rings - Middle Earth
6 Marvel Superheroes
7 Rifts
8 Traveler - all of the editions
9 Forgotten Realms
10 Runequest

That took a lot of rearranging too. The top three are unsure positions.

Top 10 RPG setting or background by anyone

1 Doctor Who
2 Shandros - by Cosmo
3 Sons of the Bat - by Jim
4 Call of Cthulhu
5 Justifiers - by Dude
6 Tarn GURPS - by Stroppy
7 Terra Ease - by Hobbit
8 Gromoria - by Richard
9 Shadowrun - by Edward
10 Vampire - by Jim

These include friends and home-brewed backgrounds. this list might of been a little different had I actually been so immodest as to include my own settings and backgrounds, get down ego! Appologies to anyone who deserved to get in here perhaps I should do a top hundred?......No don't think so.


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Last Updated: 19th January 2008